A Detailed Comparison of Bahria Heights and Bahria Apartments

Bahria Apartments Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi offers two different types of apartments, Known and Bahria Heights and Bahria Apartments, and most of you must be confused about how to differentiate between the two. Here, we have a detailed comparison of Bahria Heights and Bahria Apartments.

Bahria Heights

Starting with the name, Bahria Heights is a separate community based on the concept of neighborhood.


Bahria Heights is located in Precinct 8 and Precinct 9. It has all the beautiful views of Bahria Town Karachi, especially the replica monuments of Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty.


Bahria Heights are limited to 2 bedroom apartments only and covers an area of 1100 square feet.


Bahria Heights offers the luxurious, semi furnished 2 bedroom apartments, with attached bathrooms, a lounge, and a kitchen, based on the neighborhood concept of community.

Bahria Heights offers these special facilities as well:

  • Mini Golf Club
  • Commercial Areas
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Restaurant
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Secured Play Area in Each Block
  • Large Car Parking Areas

Installment Plan

Bahria Heights had a  3-year installment plan and the installments for Bahria Heights are about to end.

SizeDown PaymentInstallmentsTotal Price
1100 square feet (2 bedroom apartment)Rs 1,250,000Rs 666,666Rs 9,250,000

Bahria Apartments

Bahria Apartments include all the other apartments in Bahria Town Karachi for different sizes.


Whereas Bahria Apartments are located in precinct 19, opposite to Precinct 2. Bahria Apartments have the most convenient approach through the main Jinnah Avenue and the Main Gate. Bahria Apartments are at a close distance from the main entrance of Bahria Town Karachi. It stands next to the International Theme Park and nearby the Night Safari.


Bahria Apartments offer 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments and the 2 bedroom apartment in Bahria Apartments covers an area of about 950 square feet. 


On the contrary, Bahria Apartments offers simple 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments with all the basic facilities that Bahria Town provides its residents with. 

Installment Plan

Bahria Apartments had a 4-year installment plan, and the installments for Bahria Apartments have ended

TypeSizeDown PaymentInstallmentsTotal Price
Bahria Apartments950 square feet (2 Bedroom Apartment)Rs 266,000Rs 120,000Rs 2,660,000

 For the rates of 3 and 4 bedroom Bahria Apartments, you can contact us.

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