Gulberg Islamabad
Gulberg Islamabad
Gulberg Islamabad

Gulberg Islamabad

Islamabad, Pakistan

Gulberg Islamabad Overview

Gulberg Islamabad is a project of IB Employees Cooperative Housing Society (IBECHS) Islamabad. It is ideally located between the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi at Islamabad Main Expressway which is 3 km from BB International Airport Islamabad and 12.5 km from Zero points Islamabad.

You can see the exact location here.

The housing scheme consists of two projects i.e. Gulberg Greens (Agro Farm Housing Scheme) and Gulberg Residencia.

Let’s get into details of these two projects.

Gulberg Greens (Agro Farm Houses)

Gulberg Greens is all about living in luxury of planned greens & wooded parks with innovative town planning where everything is located within walking distance. The area consists of thousands of Kanals of rich greens land. It is divided into 6 blocks, i.e. Executive A, B, C, D and E blocks.

Gulberg Greens Farm Houses are available in different size layouts as follows;

  • Jasmine Enclave (4 Kanals)
  • Rose Enclave (5 Kanals)
  • Tulip Enclave (10 Kanals)

Gulberg has completed the development of blocks A, B, and C where possessions have been announced. Block D & E are currently under development where hundreds of labor & machinery are actively working towards the speedy development of the project.

A project of the commercial plaza has also launched recently by the name of Gulberg Trade Center in block B of Gulberg Greens where booking of shops & apartments is going on.

Commercial plots of 40×40 sizes are launched in B block, where a small commercial area is developed close to the entrance to the right side after crossing the first bridge. Prices of these commercials are very high, i.e. above 3.50 crore which is payable in 4 equal installments. However, the location is quite appealing and it can be one of the most expensive commercial areas of this society in the years to come.

Gulberg Residencia

Gulberg Residencia is one of the most happening housing societies in Islamabad. This is due to the fact that development work is ongoing in various blocks.

While the developer is in the process to clear the litigated land, it also has a backup plan to adjust the plot owners in new blocks.

Moreover, the launch of a new map is expected soon. The final map by the developer is currently with the Capital Development Authority for approval.

If you’ve already invested in Gulberg Residencia or looking to invest here, here’s an update on the status of each block.

Here’s an update about Gulberg Residencia’s revised map.

Gulberg Islamabad Prices and Development Updates

Block A

The developer has recently announced possession of  250 plots (2-Kanal) here. Development work has been completed by 50%. 

The developer doesn’t have possession of the remaining 10% area of the block. It is highly likely that these plot owners will be adjusted in some other block.

Block A Extension


Development is yet to begin. Currently the land is not available for possession.

Block B

Development work on 120 plots measuring 1 Kanal in this block has been completed.  However, possession for these is yet to be announced.

Work on the remaining 90% area of Block B is yet to begin. The land here is clear of any litigation issues. It is expected that as soon as related machinery engaged in other blocks is available, development work will start.

Block C

Development work in this block has been fully completed. In addition, possession has been granted on 1 Kanal and 12 marla plots.

Block D

This block is the society’s commercial centre. At least 10 projects are underway at the moment. Development work has been completed. The popularity of these plots can be gauged from the fact that auctioned plots are hardly ever available in the resale market.  

Block E

This Block only has 1 Kanal plots. Development work has been completed by 80%. And possession is available throughout. Block E is popular among the end-users looking to construct their homes soon. At least 15 homes have already been constructed.

Block F

Development work here has been 80% completed, while possession has also been granted to the respective owners.

The block is popular among genuine buyers eyeing smaller plots.  Moreover, many houses are under construction and some have already been constructed.

Block G

Development work has been completed by only 15% here.  And Possession is not available.

Block H

Development work has been completed by 25%. Whereas Possession is not available.

Block I

The block is popular among the end-users looking for plots in a smaller size because development work has been completed by 85% and possession has also been granted.

Currently, the block is home to only a couple of families, but construction work is underway on 50 units. Furthermore, the location of Block I is also considered prime.

Block J

Development work has been completed by 20%. The possession for developed plots has also been granted.

At the moment, the construction of five houses is underway. 

Block K

Development work here is yet to begin.

Block L

Development work in Block L has been completed by 65%, while possession for 7 and 10 marla plots has been granted. The construction of many units is ongoing.

Block M

Development work here has been completed on 60% of the area. The developer recently announced possession for 100 plots measuring 7 marlas. Since the developer has other blocks on its priority list for completing development work, similar activity here isn’t expected right away.

Block N

Development work here is only been completed by 5%.

Block O

Development work has only been completed by 30%. And Possession has been granted to 10 marla plots.

Block P

In this Block, development work has only been completed by 30%.  Possession of plots hasn’t been granted as yet. It is among the most happening blocks as prices here are low due to its location towards the edge of the society. However, the block is on height and thus considered good by some.

Block Q

Development work here has been completed only by 20%. Possession is not available.

Block R

The block is completed by 40% and the possession for these plots is also available.

Block S

Block S has been developed over 20% and possession is not yet available.

Block T

Development work has been completed by 75%, with possession available for 7 and 10 marla plots.

Block V

Development work here has been completed by 60% and Possession is available for all plot sizes.

To sum up, in a time frame of 2 months, once again a jump of 5 lac rupees has been seen in the market especially in 7 marla and 10 marla residential plots.

Gulberg Green Farmhouses Map Overview