Bahria Town Karachi has announced its new refund policy for all disputed and non-possession file holders. You will now be able to get a 100% refund of the paid amount after applying for refund and surrendering your file.

The refund policy applies to all disputed precincts of Bahria Paradise, Bahria Sports City, and other non-possession/disputed precincts including previous Bahria Town Karachi precincts and valley block. The refund policy will be applicable with immediate effect to all blocked/cancelled files. 75% of the total paid amount will be refunded.

The following list is prepared through the information received from Bahria Town Karachi Refund Counter.

Fully Non-Possession:

Precinct 23A
Precinct 26
Precinct 29, 32, 33 (A,B,C,D)
Precinct 34 (Bahria Sports City)
Precinct 35 (Bahria Sports City)
Precinct 36 (Bahria Sports City)
Precinct 37 (Bahria Sports City)
Precinct 38 (Bahria Sports City)
Precinct 39 (Bahria Sports City)
Precinct 40 (Bahria Sports City)
Precinct 41 (Bahria Sports City)
Precinct 42 (Bahria Sports City)
Precinct 43 (Bahria Sports City)
Precinct 44 (Bahria Sports City)
Precinct 45 (Bahria Sports City)
Precinct 46 (Bahria Paradise)
Precinct 52 (Bahria Paradise)
Precinct 53 (Bahria Paradise)
Precinct 54 (Bahria Paradise)
Precinct 55 (Bahria Paradise)
Precinct 57 (Bahria Paradise)
Precinct 58 (Bahria Paradise)
Valley Block (A, B, C, D)
Partially Non-Possession:
Precinct 23
Precinct 25A
Precinct 26A
Precinct 28
Precinct 29
Precinct 32
Precinct 33
Precinct 47 (Bahria Paradise)
Precinct 48 (Bahria Paradise)
Precinct 49 (Bahria Paradise)
Precinct 51 (Bahria Paradise)
Precinct 56 (Bahria Paradise)
The decision was carried out due to the constant protests against Bahria Town Karachi which was causing damage to its reputation as thousands of people have been affected by this.

This may be good news for those who purchased at lower prices but however, large number of people who purchased plots from market at higher rates might still be at risk. Consequently, demanding for relocation and possession of plots may be a better option for those who want to retain bigger losses. Bahria Town will eventually offer an alternate compensation to those resisting.

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