Gulberg Islamabad has been one of the top 3 most popular areas in the city among potential buyers using It is this exceptional popularity that convinced me to cover this project in depth.

The project occupies a great location on Islamabad Expressway which is currently under construction. When this signal-free route opens to traffic, the distance between the central areas of the federal capital and this project will be halved. So, location wise, you can find only a few projects in Islamabad that enjoy such a prime and calm address.

Gulberg Islamabad Details

The huge demand for plots for sale in Gulberg Islamabad rests on the fact that a lot of them are up for grabs at affordable rates. You can find a plot here for as low as PKR 1,700,000. Do you think the rate I just mentioned is a 5 marla plot? Well, think again, because it is the going rate for 7 marlas.

Gulberg Islamabad comprises Gulberg Greens and Gulberg Residencia. In Gulberg Residencia, one can choose between residential plots of 7 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal while Gulberg Greens has 4-kanal, 5-kanal and 10-kanal farmhouses.

The demand for property in Gulberg Greens exists among a certain class. This is because it’s a farmhouse project and the maintenance and management farmhouses are beyond the reach of the average home seeker. Here, possession is available in Block A while development work is underway in Blocks B, C and D. Moreover, a lot of work on commercial developments is also underway, including several mixed-use projects. It is expected that possession of the farmhouses will be offered in about a year.

The average rate of 4-kanal and 5-kanal farmhouses is about PKR 20,000,000 and PKR 25,000,000, respectively. For 10-kanal farmhouses, the average sale price is 42,500,000. A steady price rise has been seen for these. It is worth noting that many buyers here are not investors but genuine buyers.

The pace of development work is somewhat faster in Gulberg Greens than it is in Gulberg Residencia. Perhaps the main reason for this is that Gulberg Greens lies near the entrance to Gulberg Islamabad and it is from here that road leads to Gulberg Residencia, where construction work is not being prioritized at the moment.

There’s a lot of demand for plots in Gulberg Residencia, where possession is available only in 3 blocks: Blocks E, F and I. Property rates in these are higher than other blocks for obvious reasons. Block E features 1-kanal residential plots alone, the average sale price of which, according to’s stats recorded in February 2016, is PKR 6,308,333. In Blocks I and F, you can find the same-sized plot for an average rate of PKR 5,150,000 and PKR 5,275,000, respectively.

While development work is on in all other blocks of Gulberg Residencia, the pace is slow. The fate of this particular developments rests on the construction of Gulberg Expressway. As long as the road access is not offered to Gulberg Residencia, property rates here will rise only marginally.

Per’s data, the average sale price of 7- and 10-marla and 1-kanal plots in Gulberg Residencia, recorded during February 2016, is as follows:

Plot sizeSale Price
7 MarlaRs 1,900,000
10 MarlaRs 2,500,000
1 KanalRs 5,800,000

This information should be enough for those looking to buy plots in Gulberg Islamabad. If you need additional information or contact numbers of the agents that you can call to book these plots, leave a comment below.