DHA Lahore has announced good news – the opening of transfers of DHA Phase 13. Keep in mind, DHA Phase 13 is the new name of ‘DHA City Lahore’.

After the order of the Supreme Court to facilitate all the victims of DHA City, the authority verified all members and shifted them to DHA Phase 13.

This is very happy news for those who have been stuck for the past many years in this housing scheme. It’s a huge sigh of relief.

Now when the transfers open, sale/purchase of DHA Phase 13 files will proceed normally in the market. Moreover, prices will improve a lot as well.

According to the public notice issued in the newspaper by DHA Lahore, transfers of DHA Phase 13 plot files will open from 1st August 2019.

Here is the copy of the notice:

DHA Phase 13 Public Notice

If you want more details regarding the transfer process, it can be acquired from DHA Main Office in DHA Lahore.