Bahria Paradise is a new project of Bahria Town in Karachi. It is not yet launched but you are told to pre-book the plot or villa. Let’s find out why.

First, let me tell how Bahria Town operates. Bahria Town does not sell the plots directly however sometimes they do. There are very few cases. Whenever the new project of Bahria Town is about to launch, the biggest dealers of Bahria Town buy all the plots and villas from Bahria Town and then dealers sell the plots and villa to public.

Prices are all fixed by Bahria Town and all authorized dealers have to sell the plots and villas at those prices.

The dealers does not earn through any commission. The deal margin is between Bahria Town and the dealers.

So Why You Should Pre-Book the Plot Or Villa Now?

Bahria Paradise project is not yet launched but authorized dealers are selling the plots because it will be profitable for both dealers and customers.

Let me explain you in bullet points that why you should pre-book the plot or villa now:

1. Early buyers will get better location plots. If you are planning to buy anything then you should buy it now.

2. It is predicted that plots can be all sold out.

3. We are also expecting that prices can rise after the launch of the project.

4. It is totally safe to buy from dealers but they should be authorized. It is better to buy from the bigger real estate agencies like Prism Estate and Berq Properties.

Overall it is a good investment for customers. Similarly, it is a good deal for dealers to sell more plots. So it’s a win-win for both dealers and customers. As per dealers, they can sell better location plots and there is no risk of prices getting high before the launch of the project. Therefore, the Earlier the better for customers and you.

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