You most probably have many of your friends and family living in Bahria Town while some just go for a visit but one thing is for sure, every Pakistani wishes to own a house in Bahria Town and all the reasons behind it are pretty obvious!

From the the structural finesse to the facilities, everything about it is just magical, it wont be wrong if you say that Bahria Town is a marvel that links Pakistan to a foreign lifestyle.

Reasons why every Pakistani love to live in Bahria Town

  • The feeling of living in Bahria Town is different from living anywhere else. As it is just like being in a foreign society.
  • Residents of the scheme get to enjoy a cineplex cinema inside their locality- without the worries of traveling somewhere.
  • When the people don’t find a decent marriage hall, Bahria Town have their very own marquess and banquet halls.
  • Green Valley: a supermarket so big, you will forget any grocery store. Feels no less than an international standard shopping center.
  • The Country Club is a perfect mix of entertainment for kids aswell as as adults. Fun, Food and mini golf.
  •  Bahria Town’s famous ‘Spa’ is a big attraction for people.
  • A fitness Gym that offers many services including karate for kids.
  • children get the best educational facilities here.
  • It has a 18-hole international level gold course.
  • Its weekend and you are worried about the traffic and restaurants all filled, but not in Bahria Town. Many coffee houses, cafes and restaurants are providing enjoyment to its residents.
  • Underground electrification system with grid station.
  • A 24 hours water supply system with overhead water reservoirs.
  • The most modern and state of the art security system with companies own security guards. And 24 hours surveillance.
  • Moreover, for safety and security, Police station and Fire station and many other facilities are available.
  • Lifetime maintenance

Therefore, Bahria Town is a dream destination. And an amazing place for living, with all the necessities and luxuries one can ask for.