Bahria Town is one of the best real estate projects of Pakistan that has changed the whole trend of the real estate market. Due to excellent sort of development work and professional customer dealing has made the Bahria Town very attractive not only for the local investors but several foreign investors also. Expatriate Pakistanis who want to invest their hard earned money prefer Bahria Town housing scheme only.

bahria town investment

Bahria Town is owned by Malik Riaz about whom different stories, myths and rumors are often heard throughout the country. However it is a fact that he is a honest, kind hearted and lucky person indeed. Bahria Town has employed several foreign qualified real estate professionals who are really expert in their field.  Excellent remuneration packages and perks have attracted every real estate professional to Bahria Town. Since the employees are heavily paid so they put their heart and soul in their job and try to complete their work in an excellent and professional manner.

Bahria Town started its operation from Rawalpindi by purchasing barren and waste land that was lying in the out skirts of the city. There was a time when the same land was available for sale at extremely cheaper price but nobody paid attention towards it and considered it as just wastage of time and money if they buy the land there. But due to the development of Bahria Town Rawalpindi price of the same land increased several times and now it is totally un-reachable by middle class or even upper middle class.

Why Bahria Town Investment is Profitable?

These days Bahria Town investment is considered as most profitable real estate investment.  The main reason is quality of the real estate development work and interest of the local and foreign investors.  The owner of the Bahria Town housing scheme has become a real estate tycoon in a very short span of time. People like to buy plots and houses in Bahria Town at all cost. Initially the scheme was so attractive that even the application forms used to get short and were available in black market for several thousand bucks.

The plots in Bahria Town sectors are allotted through balloting and people who get successful in the balloting considered themselves very lucky. The plots are given to the allottees and they have to pay easy monthly or quarterly installments that included cost of the land and development charges. Once the specified time is over and all dues are cleared by the allotees they are handed over the occupation of the plot and they become owner of it formally.

bahria town investment

The investors buy the allotment files of the Bahria Town plots from the original allotees and then a new real estate business start up and that is buying and selling of Bahria Town plot files.

In the beginning Bahria Town Rawalpindi was the main hub of all real estate business and I have seen several poor property dealers who once did not have their own office are now owners of huge commercial plazas and CNG pumps. This was due to massive buying and selling of plot files and real estate in the housing scheme. At present Bahria Town Karachi file business  is at full swing and its rates are changed every day. Big investors buy such plot files in great number and earn huge amount of profit from them.

Main Perks of Bahria Town

There are several facilities and perks offered by Bahria Town but the following are considered as most attractive by everybody:

  1. High quality of development work.
  2. Easy process of plot and house transfer.
  3. Readily available help for building houses.
  4. Non-stop power supply.
  5. Availability of gas, water, telephone and electricity etc.
  6. Round the clock security system.
  7. Maintenance of the area.
  8. Availability of entertainment facilities like cinema, parks and zoo.
  9. Availability of health facilities like play grounds, courts and gyms.
  10. Availability of educational facilities as colleges, universities and institutes.
  11. Availability of shopping facilities.

You name anything and Bahria Town will provide you. This is one of the top most reasons why people are attracted towards Bahria Town and consider it as an honor to own a piece of land in Bahria Town. In addition to the facilities enumerated above there is another very big facility and that is of a golf course. Since golf is mostly played by rich people so this facility has also attracted lot of people to buy or build a house in Bahria Town.

About Bahria Town Administration

It sounds strange but it is a fact that most of the personnel of Bahria Town administration belong to military. The top management comprises of retired army, nave generals and brigadiers who are very heavily paid and offered many perks and benefits. There was a joke about the owner of Bahria Town that a MNA taunted that Malik Riaz should be called a field marshal because the number of generals working for him is very large. This was a lighter part of it but the main reason is that army officers’ integrity is beyond any doubt, they are highly trained in administration and their management and supervisory and implementation skills are far much better than their civilian counterparts.

Their hard work has made Bahria Town a very successful organization and others strive hard to be part of it. Other staff that is civilians are highly qualified and know their jobs well and offer their all out efforts to make the Bahria Town real estate organization successful. Their public dealing is cordial, friendly and pure professional style that attracts people towards them.

Security in Bahria Town

The main question that arises in everybody’s mind is that whether the place where they intend living is secure or not. Due to the law and order situation of the country this concern and fear has increased manifold. However Bahria Town administration has arranged such a fine security system in their housing scheme that you can sleep tight without any worry and fear.

Bahria Town maintains its own security company that is managed and supervised by retired military personnel and other security professionals. They have their own security vehicles, armored cars and all the security staff is fully equipped with most modern equipment and arms. Bahria Town housing scheme are patrolled round the clock and all the entry and exit points are fully manned by security staff to stop any thoroughfare in the area.

The people living in the Bahria Town housing schemes are given special security stickers for their cars to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience to the residents of the area. Since rich people have lot to lose so they are always worried about their security but Bahria Town has the answer to it. This is another top reason why people are ready to invest in Bahria Town property without any hesitation.

Recreational Facilities in Bahria Town

Without and recreation and entertainment the life gets dull and it is a normal human tendency that they require recreational facilities to keep themselves fresh and active.  To cater for this need of the people Bahria Town administration has created several recreational facilities in their housing schemes. All the developed sectors have their own parks, play grounds, cinemas etc. In addition to this special arrangements are made for indoor games like squash courts and bad minton courts etc.

bahria town investment

There are lot of high class restaurants and eating places where people can enjoy Chinese and local cuisine.  In summers you will find lot of ice cream parlors where large national and multi-national brands have endured their presence.

Bahria Town has also maintained their own zoos and safari parks where you will find many local and foreign birds and animals. This provides lot of learning and entertainment to the children and their elders. In Bahria Town Rawalpindi you will find many beautiful birds in special made cages along the road.  This gives you a feeling that you are travelling in a foreign country’s safari park. To cut short Bahria Town administration has ensured that everybody living there should get a full doze of entertainment that they deserve.

Bahria Town in Other Cities

As already said that Bahria Town has started it operation from Rawalpindi and the first housing project was Bahria Town Rawalpindi, it attracted so many people and was warmly welcomed by local and foreign investors that the owners had become very rich. After successfully completing the projects they extended their operation in other cities. So after that launch of Bahria Town Lahore and Bahria Town Islamabad took place and was a step ahead from Bahria Town Rawalpindi because all the short comings and problems were rectified and so housing scheme in Lahore was made much better than before.

This has made Bahria Town the largest property icon of Asia. So finally it moved to the main commercial hub of Pakistan and that is Karachi. The organization has bought a complete island and so Bahria Town Karachi has become the center of attraction for all the investors of the world and now business of Bahria Town Karachi Files is at full swing. This is because the Bahria Town administration has decided to build world largest mosque and Islamic university there.  As Karachi is a very rich city so Bahria Town was welcomed by people there with bags full of money. Now a day a most modern city is under development stage by Bahria Town. But the fact remains the same that Bahria Town Rawalpindi still maintains its significance being the oldest and first ever housing project of Bahria Town.

Future of Bahria Town

Everybody wants to know that what will be the future of outlook of the Bahria Town housing scheme. Simple investors and residents have the same question in their minds. Investors are curious because they are concerned about the money that they have invested there. The residents want to know that whether they will get the same living standard and facilities and perks while living in Bahria Town. The simple answer to all the questions is that the future of Bahria Town is extremely bright because now it has taken the shape of a fully grown organization.

bahria town investment

All the procedures and systems are streamlined and now whether the owner is present or not in the office the things will work automatically and smoothly without any problem. Bahria Town Is a large organization and everybody is fully capable of managing the things. In addition to this Bahria Town sectors and particularly Bahria Town Rawalpindi is mostly occupied so when people start living at a place it becomes an established locality and they can look after themselves easily.

Bahria Town has changed the overall trend of the real estate market and several other companies have also emerged but they are far behind the Bahria Town. If you have some money to invest or want to live there then there is no place like Bahria Town.