Top City-1 Islamabad

Considering the needs and necessities of modern living, Top City-1 Islamabad has set new standards for community facilities and services.  Moreover,  the effective planning and focus on the quality of material being used in the development projects has enabled to equip the first-ever smart housing scheme with ideal commercial and residential features.

Latest Updates: (All Good News)

After 3 years of waiting, the revised MasterPlan has been approved. This is great news for the allottees, especially for those who have bought 5 marla plots and for people who have plots in Block E and F.

The second good news is that three new blocks have been approved. Booking for these will come in two months time. In addition, the 5 marla plots will be assigned numbers very soon.

Here is the much-awaited MasterPlan:

Master Plan Top City-1

Who is the Developer?

Top City-1 Islamabad is a housing project by Dynast Associates. Dynast Associates is a construction and real estate company that also provides building maintenance services in Islamabad.


Top City-1 has an approved NOC from RDA and it also has acquired no-objection certificates from ICT, CAA, NHA, and Environment Protection Department.

Project Details

According to the revised MasterPlan, Top City-1 is divided into blocks A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J. 

The sizes available in this society are 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential as well as commercial plots and farmhouses. 

A brief highlight of major project features is detailed as follows:


Besides having an ideal location at the heart of the CPEC trade route, Top City-1 also enjoys the perks of being in proximity to Islamabad International Airport. Interconnectivity to the Federal and two provincial capitals, Peshawar and Lahore via M1/M2 Motorways is the greatest competitive advantage of Top City-1 over any other society in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Residential Blocks

The society offers state-of-the-art Residential Blocks for modern living. It will be a convenient place for residents with a wide array of facilities available for top-notch living standards.

TopCity-1 gives you all the space and flexibility of plot sizes ranging from 5-10 marla and 1 Kanal. The plot distribution is exquisitely perfect and eco-friendly without disturbing the ecosystem and wildlife. Every house is abundant with light and air to ensure a healthy living atmosphere.

Commercial Zones

Top City-1 offers an ideal location to host business opportunities by virtue of being adjacent to Islamabad International Airport and at heart of CPEC route; providing direct and quick access to South and Central Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

In addition, a mega commercial zone in Top City-1 runs parallel to Kashmir Highway and offers an ideal location for connecting to the capital’s grid of commercial areas. All residential blocks will also have their dedicated mini-commercial zones.

Lavishly designed exclusive commercial block featured with world’s famous names is the polestar of TopCity-1. Modern arcades and high-rise buildings complying with the international standards provide every brand you need.

  • Sky Strip
  • Five Star Hotel
  • Business Centers
  • Mega Malls
  • Main Markaz & Mini Markets

Security and Surveillance

At Top City-1 we take security measures seriously and all our infrastructure units are connected to the Command and Control Center which in turn in connected with the Quick Response Team, fully equipped and capable to respond to any emergency situation.

Additionally, our unique location provides natural high-security surveillance constantly carried out for Islamabad International Airport and CPEC transit routes.

Wide Network of Roads

An extensive road and mass transit system within and around this smart housing scheme will facilitate the rapid economic growth and urban development in this region.

Kashmir Highway leading to Islamabad International Airport and Metro Bus Extension project touches Top City-1 exclusively to provide quick access for commuters. Wide roads and streets constructed using premium quality and asphalt mixture ensure a smooth commute within the premises of Top City-1 for our esteemed clients.

Parks and Play Grounds

Parks and trails are an important part of society as they provide healthy contact with nature and also enhance the landscapes. At Top City-1, the prime focus of project planners has always been to develop it as a clean and green society without planting any allergen or pollen-producing trees in park and green belt areas. Fostering this vision of a green and serene housing scheme, a network of parks, open spaces with plants, and greenbelts are developed throughout the premises of Top City-1.

International Standard Educational Institutes

Education is one of the most important commodities we need. Unfortunately, our country lacks the international standards of education in many areas. TopCity-1 never compromises on education. Schools and colleges matching the international standards are available in the vicinity so that your children are safe and secure.

Moreover, you are away from the hurry to fetch them in the bulk of traffic.

High standard and well-reputed schools are planned in every block. Modern technical educational and professional colleges with educated and experienced staff that will execute their duties with a promise to be dignified and honest to this profession.

Nature Discovery Park and Zoo

Many exotic birds and animals are kept on-site, including Brown African Lions, White Lions, Black Spider Monkeys, Pony,  Quaker Parrots, African Grey Parrots,  Macaws, and Major Mitchell’s Cockatoos. A dedicated team provides special care and treatment to them.

These animals provide amusement to the visitors especially children, improvement to our natural environment, and promoting these rare species of wildlife.

Medical and Health Facilities

At TopCity-1 we do not compromise on our residents’ health. We understand the highly evolving and competitive healthcare landscape and that’s why we have spared vast area for hospitals to ensure that the hospitals have all departments.

Our hospitals are well equipped with modern technology, highly qualified doctors and skilled paramedical staff. The spacious, grand and friendly environment is our top priority that will be prevailing forever.

Entertainment & Sports

It is not just a housing society but also a blend of fantastic comforts. TopCity-1 provides you an incredible and wide range of luxuries thus the members can enjoy a series of recreational activities like swimming, sports, gym, and many more.

  • Community Center
  • Mini Golf Club
  • 3D/Imax Cinema
  • Kids Theme Park
  • Lake View Park

Maintenance Facilities

Sometimes you are busy and it is hard to fix a maintenance problem at home. Either you have to look for a civil worker or luckily if you have got him you have to beg for his kind services but TopCity-1 never forgets the clients. After providing you a complete luxury we do not withdraw from our commitment that we care. Civil workers of every kind are available within the vicinity to ensure your comfort and safety as well.

  • Electric Work
  • Plumbing
  • Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Development Work 

Here are some pictures of the ongoing development work:

Top City-1 - Development Work 1

Top City-1 - Development Work 2

Top City-1 - Development Work 3