Prepossessions of Bahria Sports City Karachi are now open for the villas and plots. The development work at Bahria Town Karachi is going at a rapid speed.

It was initially expected, that the Bahria Sports City will be fully developed and possessions were to be opened by the starting of the year 2020. Whereas all of a sudden, a news broke out a couple of days ago, that the possessions of the plots and villas in the Sports City will be started from 23rd March 2018. Rumors have it that the initial possessions are to be given by none other than Malik Riaz himself.

For now, a more interesting news is that the prepossessions of the Sports City have now opened, and this is the high time, you invest here.

Bahria Sports City Karachi Prepossessions

A bit suspicious, right? News has it that the construction work of the Rafi Cricket Stadium has also gained pace, with builders working on a 24/7 schedule, do we see an early inauguration there too? We all have our doubts on that.

After all our assumptions, we are sure of one thing, that this sudden turn of events may push all the rumors behind the curtains. Resulting Sports City to be the greatest investments of all times.