In sector B-17 Islamabad, Faisal Margalla City (FMC) is an upcoming housing project by Margalla City (pvt) limited. Reportedly, it is a joint venture between a private party and Mr. Chaudhry Majeed of Zedem International. The prime land in sector B-17 right next to sector A is owned by the former while that latter has joined in as development and sales partner.

Faisal Margalla City is an extremely profitable investment opportunity due to following reasons:

  • Background of developer
  • Location of the society
  • Flexible payment plan
  • Pace of development

Below is the location map of Faisal Margalla City:

Faisal Margalla City - Location Map

According to the map, FMC area lies right next to MPCHS sector A and it stretches up to the Margalla Hills and sector E. The surrounding area is thinly populated. And the best thing is that all basic amenities and utilities are already available in sector B-17.

Good news is that development work has already started. And pre-launch bookings are available on first come first served basis. Bookings start from 30% down payment. The remaining sum is payable in 16 equal quarterly installments over a period of 4 years.

Following is the payment plan of Faisal Margalla City Islamabad:

Plot Size25 x 50 (139 Square yards)30 x 60 (200 Square yards)35 x 70 (272 Square yards)40 x 80 ( 356 Square yards)50 x 90 (500 Square yards)
Marla5.56 Marla8 Marla10.89 Marla14.22 Marla1 Kanal
Cost of Plot3,060,0004,185,0005,450,0006,760,0008,985,000
Registration fee10,00010,00010,00010,00010,000
Total (In Rs)3,070,0004,195,0005,460,0006,770,0008,995,000
Down Payment910,0001,075,0001,220,0001,330,0001,475,000
1st Installment135,000195,000256,000340,000470,000
2nd Installment135,000195,000256,000340,000470,000
3rd Installment135,000195,000256,000340,000470,000
4th Installment135,000195,000256,000340,000470,000
5th Installment135,000195,000256,000340,000470,000
6th Installment135,000195,000256,000340,000470,000
7th Installment135,000195,000256,000340,000470,000
8th Installment135,000195,000256,000340,000470,000
9th Installment135,000195,000256,000340,000470,000
10th Installment135,000195,000256,000340,000470,000
11th Installment135,000195,000256,000340,000470,000
12th Installment135,000195,000256,000340,000470,000
13th Installment135,000195,000256,000340,000470,000
14th Installment135,000195,000256,000340,000470,000
15th Installment135,000195,000256,000340,000470,000
16th Installment
On Physical Possession
21% Off on Lumpsum Basis (In Rs)2,420,0003,295,0004,295,0005,350,0007,095,000
At the time of application2,285,0003,100,0004,030,0005,010,0006,625,000
On Physical Possession135,000195,000265,000340,000470,000

There is a 21% discount offered by the company on lumpsum payment at the time of booking. The down payment must be paid via demand draft in favor of M/S Margalla City (pvt) Ltd.

After the official layout map of the society is released, plot numbers will be allocated through computerized balloting.

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