Just the next day after elections 2018, there was a sudden increase in transaction volume in Karachi Real Estate market according to our sources. Buyers weren’t just checking the prices of property, they in fact bought some of the prime real estate land.

So, what will be the market like for Bahria Town Karachi? Will prices increase or decrease? Well, let’s find out!

Why You Should Buy Now?

Bahria Town Karachi has started to perform better as sales are beginning to increase. Currently, as buyers are in limited number, they have more buyer power and have an upper hand in deciding the final price.

The investors believe that now is the right time to invest in Bahria Town Karachi as prices are low. And with the passage of time buyers will start increasing leading to an increase in demand. Thus, resulting in rise in prices.

Therefore, one can benefit by purchasing at a lesser price right now!

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