Positive vibes are being received from the Islamabad Real Estate market be it private projects, cooperative housing societies and Capital Development Authority (CDA) sectors. So when will we see an increase in demand for plots?

Well, let’s find out!

Zone 2

The number of inquiries made for checking out market activity has increased. Investors and potential clients are exploring and examining the market before they make any decision. Potential customers want to know which projects would give them the best return in future. It is expected that that the demand and activity in the area will increased in the coming future.

Zone 4

The humming about investing in property in this area has started. The positivity surrounding Zone 4 is due to the strong expectations that significant changes will be made in the system to bring about successful results for the overall economy.

There are many important housing projects including Bahria Enclave, Park View City and Defence Housing Authority (DHA) in this zone. And the fact that the Signal-Free Corridor or the Islamabad Expressway  is also half done, many projects here are in good shape to give you ample returns under the expressed positive sentiments in the market.

Predictively, we can see all of this materializing in the next couple of weeks.

Zone 1

Major developments are expected in various CDA sectors that comprise Zone 1. The encroachments hampering development work in some CDA sectors are expected to be removed. In the near future, issues related to lack of funds are anticipated to fixed.

If the promises are kept and the departments concerning real estate change their mode of operations for good, the CDA sectors could once again become the most prime areas for both investors and buyers. Let’s see how long it takes for this to happen. Hopefully it won’t be that long.


According to reports, bulk buying has begun in Islamabad. These are essentially the big investors who have a strong networking with the developers, fellow investors and their contacts and timing makes sure that their intuition is mostly right.

A lot is about to happen with property transaction volume in Mumtaz City, Top City-1 and Capital Smart City. People busy in Islamabad Zone 2 find DHA Phase 5 and Park View City to be red-hot in terms of ROI.

Only time will decide what happens in Islamabad Real Estate market.