As the project director for CPEC stated that the development of Gwadar airport will start during the current year, it is going to be one of the biggest projects of the year. The director Mr. Hasan Daud Butt said the project is set to benefit 3 billion people living in the region.

The finest developers are involved in this project, as it is a very big initiative and a big thing for Pakistan. As soon as it was declared, it became big news for everyone because it is going to benefit a lot of people.

Joint Ventures Key To Sucess

Big projects like these are always good for the economy and the betterment of a country, And if we work together we are stronger, so the PAL-CHINA collaboration in this project can change the fate of many countries in the region. Pakistan has entered the phase of the industrial revolution. All the work on projects initiated under CPEC is in full swing. And to help more countries benefit from it, the CPEC economic zone policy for investors is quite liberal, which makes the joint venture projects more convenient and easy.

And it has also been said that the belt and road project (the link road that will link China with South Asia and Central Asia) making it a way forward for the economic prosperity of the country, and also provide several job opportunities for a lot of unemployed and jobless people in Pakistan.

So, we should support these types of projects and more initiatives should be taken like these in Pakistan. As it is for the betterment of our country, and it will help us improve our standing in the world.

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