In Islamabad, recently, there has been an increase in apartment buildings due to a rise in their demand by buyers and investors. Among all the projects in Islamabad, Gulberg Greens Apartments stands out.

Gulberg Greens

This society’s planning and rapid development have the potential to turn it into a new Islamabad. It will have many recreational facilities, sports complexes, artificial lakes, universities, schools, and colleges. Along with these, a large number of shopping malls, offices, and hotels, etc will also be housed.

People in large numbers are interested to buy in the numerous projects that have been commenced here. The projects include:

  • Karakoram Greens
  • Roshan Heights
  • Samama Star Mall and Residency
  • Gulberg Emporium Mall and Residency
  • Diamond Mall and Residency

Gulberg Greens have transformed modern living to another level. A new and interesting trend has transpired whereby half of the building is for the purpose of living and the other half for commercial activities like mall etc. And this feature is been provided by most of these projects.

However, in this article, we will be focusing on Karakoram Greens, Gulberg Arena, and Samama Star Mall and Residency and Samama Gulberg.

Development, Possession, and Prices

Because of the swift development and guarantee of a sophisticated and comfortable lifestyle, the developers of these projects have occupied the largest share of the market. Currently, with the beautiful architectural designs and uniqueness it offers, Karakoram Greens is acing the market.

Both Karakoram Greens and Gulberg Arena offers 2- and 3- bedroom apartments. Karakoram Greens apartment of 2 bedrooms with an area of 2,400 sq. ft. costs PKR 27,500,000. Whereas, an apartment of 3 bedrooms with an area of 3,400 sq. ft. costs PKR 35,000,000.

On the contrary, Gulberg Arena’s 2 – bedroom apartments with an area of 3,400 sq. ft. costs PKR 15,000,000 whereas a 3-bedroom apartment with an area of 1,850 sq. ft. costs PKR 10,500,000.

Karakoram Greens is a more preferred option because of its construction and relatively bigger apartments even though Gulberg Arena offers price competitiveness.  These apartments have stormed the market. In addition to small families,  foreign buyers are preferring them.

Contrarily, Samama Gulberg and Samama Star Mall and Residency also offer 2- and 3- bedroom apartments but these are on 750 sq. ft and 1200 sq. ft, respectively. Costs of these are PKR 4,500,000-5,000,000 for 2-bedroom apartments and PKR 8,500,000-9,000,000 for 3-bedroom apartments.

Facilities and Amenities

The facilities provided by Gulberg Arena and Karakoram Greens are mostly alike. The only difference is that Gulberg Arena has apartments only on the top three floors, while the latter has apartment buildings. A multitude of recreational facilities and open spaces being utilized as parks are offered by both of these apartments.

For the residents,  separate cards will be issued to access the elevators for the apartments and recreational facilities. An even more exclusive neighborhood is Karakoram Greens where non-residents won’t be able to enter without the resident cards.

In both apartments, the amenities include swimming pools, gymnasiums, reserved parking spaces for residents, restaurants, and cafes.

The location of Samama Gulberg and Samama Mall and Residency is ideal and that’s the reason why investors are eager to invest here. Although, these two apartments do no have any recreational facilities.

The most exciting and ideal location is of Gulberg Greens. And if you’re pondering to own real estate in Islamabad then this is the place for you.