Ghauri Town Islamabad is among the top most asked about housing schemes of the twin cities and people have been asking us how it is a better place to live than the rest of Rawalpindi. Well, here we have all necessary the necessary differences you have been looking after that, Why should you be moving to Ghauri Town if you’re a resident of Rawalpindi?

Well Organized

The worst drawback of Rawalpindi is its poor planning. We have seen in years that how poorly is the city planned and the stakeholders making no special efforts in order to improve. Narrow roads, poor sewerage system, zero sense of construction etc, have made the city unhealthy and unbearable for almost everyone.

In comparison, Ghauri Town is a more planned and environmentally safe environment for all. It has wide roads, proper residential plan, and sewerage system. You get to feel the sense of fresh air which you otherwise do not.


Having an approach from the Main Expressway, Lehtrar Road, and Gulberg Residencia is an added advantage for the people living in Ghauri Town. Ghauri Town Phase 8 has its very own expressway as well. So what are you waiting for? Move to a better planned and easily approachable Ghauri Town and leave the narrow streets of Rawalpindi.

Underground Electricity

An added factor, for the people planning to move to Ghauri Town, is the underground electricity supply. Yes! You won’t get to see any electric transformers and poles on the roadsides anymore. Ghauri Town cares about your safety and understands the danger those loose wires, always visible in Rawalpindi City, can bring to your lives. Consider this a cherry on top for Ghauri Town Phase 8 Islamabad.

Investment Opportunity

With the best approaches ever, and being at a very close distance from Islamabad and the Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Ghauri Town is the best and most affordable investment opportunity for the people interested. A linked approach from the Gulberg Islamabad is an added factor to the investment scenario of Ghauri Town Islamabad.