Margalla City (Pvt) Limited is a joint venture between Chaudhry Majeed of Zedem International and a private party. Their latest project is Faisal Margalla City (FMC) has been launched on 30th September 2018.

Location of Faisal Margalla City

On one side Faisal Margalla City is situated right next to Block A of MPCHS Multi-Gardens B-17, while on the other sides, it is surrounded by other blocks of MPCHS. On one side, you will have access to GT Road through Multi-Gardens whereas on the other hand, it is planned to access to the Motorway M-1 from MPCHS Block G through the proposed interchange onto the motorway: Multi-Faisal Interchange.

The location is quite good considering the close proximity to MPCHS Multi-Gardens B-17 which means that the development there would have a positive effect on Faisal Margalla City.

Possession, Payment Plan and NOC

According to our sources, the land for the project has been acquired. In fact, it is already owned by Zedem International’s Chaudhry Majeed. Therefore, possession is not an issue and it is expected that it will be granted to the lump-sum buyers within four to six months.

However, there is one bad news – the administration has decided to no longer book plots on installments. Previously, you could book your plots on four years installment plan during the pre-booking phase.

Faisal Margalla City offers 5, 8, 10, 14, and 20 marla plots and prices of these plots are as follows:

Plot SizePrices in PKRLump sum PaymentPossession
5.5 marla2,420,0002,285,000135,000
8 marla3,295,0003,100,000195,000
10.8 marla4,295,0004,030,000265,000
14.2 marla5,350,0005,010,000340,000
20 marla7,095,0006,625,000470,000

After the launch, there is a possibility of installment plots so for those of you who cannot afford to pay lump sum amounts – wait for the time being.

Some requirements for the NOC are yet to be met and it is under process. However, it will soon be acquired so there is no need to worry. Some extent of development had already begun in the society – ground has been leveled, streets and roads are being cut.

Why Should You Invest Here?

  • Reliability of developers
  • Great location
  • Good pace of development
  • Possession is expected

In the long-term perspective, it is certainly a good investment. Though, even in the short-term, the 21% discounted prices are great as compared to the prices of plots in Block C of MPCHS, located right alongside it. So, once development takes place here, demand will increase which will lead to the appreciation of the price by as much as Rs 500,000 for the 5-marla plot.

But if you’re interested in investing here, the best strategy would be to look at it as a long-term investment.