Many of you have been asking about Bahria Town Karachi and the projects undergoing in it.

Two of the most talked about projects being Bahria Sports City and Bahria Paradise. We have tried our best to list out a few comparisons between the two, but before that, lets first discover the two of them.

Bahria Paradise map

Bahria Sports City resides from precinct 34 to Precinct 45, and according to the current map key, it is located at the end of Bahria Town Karachi. Whereas Bahria Paradise starts beside precinct 16. Initially, it was said that Bahria Town Karachi will only have 45 precincts, but it can be seen in the latest keymap that Bahria Paradise expands to Precinct 57.


For comparison, we have to consider two things, first being the rates and the other being the location.

For the prices oriented people, as of today, Bahria Paradise is not the best choice for you. The prices in Bahria Paradise Karachi are almost double to that of the Sports City Karachi. Bahria Paradise offers a plot in Rs 5,936,000 whereas the same plot in Sports city costs for Rs 3,650,000. A 500 sq. yards plot in Bahria Paradise cost for Rs 9,550,000 approximately, whereas the same plot in Sports City costs for Rs 5,850,000. Similarly the 1000 sq yard plot or what you call it a 2 Kanal plot in Bahria Paradise would cost you 1 crore 72 lac rupees and 92 lacs 75 thousand rupees in Bahria Sports city Karachi.

Coming to the villas, Bahria Sports city offers a 350 sq yard, 4 bedroom villa in 1 crore 45 lac whereas Bahria Paradise offers a 500 sq yards, 5 bedrooms luxury villa in 3 crores 85 lac. So basically, currently, for the price-oriented investors, Bahria Sports City is the best option for you.

If seen location wise, Bahria Paradise wins the race as it has an ideal location, starts from almost the middle of Bahria Town, before the Jamia Masjid. The access to Bahria Paradise starts adjacent to the precinct 19 and before the theme park. Whereas for Bahria Sports city, you have to cover the distance of about 35 kilometers from the main entrance to reach the sports city. So for the ones who want to invest in an ideally located land, Bahria Paradise is the best for you.

Both, Bahria Paradise and Bahria Sports City have totally different but exciting attractions. Bahria Paradise will have a Taj Mahal replica, a beautiful green space inspired by the famous Central Park of the NewYork city. Recently another news broke out for Bahria Paradise that a space of about 28acres has been reserved for a food court. This food court will have all the famous cuisines from around the country, yet another good news for the food lovers. On Contrary to this, Bahria Sports City is planned to have Pakistan’s first largest flood-lit Cricket Stadium, known as Rafi Cricket Stadium, along with a fully equipped gymnasium and a 5-star Hyatt Hotel.

If you’re interested in investing in Bahria Town Karachi, then Bahria Paradise and Bahria Sports City are the only two, as of today, who are offering the ideal installment plans. The decision has to be yours ultimately, but if we are to give any advice or options, we would be more than willing for you to chose among the two of these.

Note: All the rates mentioned above are exclusive of the own. By own, we mean the amount according to the current market value and it varies for different plots, locations, sizes etc.