Bin Alam City or Capital Smart City? Which one is better?

Bin Alam City Islamabad

Bin Alam City and Capital Smart City are two upcoming housing projects which have generated a lot of interest among investors and buyers. Let’s look into features both projects have to offer.

Bin Alam City

Bin Alam City Islamabad is a city itself that will comprise of highly advanced, modern day facilities at a scale that the nation has never seen before. 


Bin Alam City Islamabad - location map

 It lies at around 30 KM from Kashmir Highway and New Islamabad Airport, and about 7 KM from Chakri Interchange. Neighboring housing societies include Qurtaba City which is nearby Bin Alam City, and Capital Smart City, which lies at about 10 KM distance.

Grand Magna – Clubs & Resorts

Pakistan has witnessed major leaps when it comes to modernized development. Projects like Gymkhana have proven to be huge milestones in the progression. Bin Alam Devleopers Pvt. Ltd. has a vision to take the country to new developmental heights and go beyond the present limits.

In order to achieve this goal, the company is proud to introduce the Grand Magna Club & Resorts. A mega project, first of its kind, being developed at a scale that the country has never witnessed before.

Located in the capital city, Islamabad, the Grand Magna Club & Resorts will be equipped with high-end, latest and highly advanced facilitations of accommodation, recreation, education, lifestyle and adventure. With the joint venture between Bin Alam Developers Pvt. Ltd. and international investing companies, this project shall attract huge investments and tourism to Pakistan. You have seen marquee chains, giant gymnasiums, safari parks and grand hotels but you haven’t seen them all together with a load of other international standard facilities. The Grand Magna Club & Resorts comprise of:

Car Race Track

Pakistan’s first official car race track to entertain the racing needs of car enthusiasts around the nation. From Rally’s to drag race and drifting, Bin Alam City Islamabad’s car race track shall offer all the options with high-end safety measures to ensure a profound racing experience.

Theme Park

Thrilling rides. Entertaining shows. Refreshing water slides. An adventure park concentrated around  unique theme is the central entertainment hub for families at Bin Alam City, Islamabad.


Bin Alam City Islamabad will have its very own dam. It will be used for power generation as well as a picnic and tourism spot.

Shooting and Hunting Range

Bin Alam City Islamabad introduces the first of its kind, entirely legal and licensed shooting and hunting range.

Sports Stadium

Bin Alam City Islamabad ensures to facilitate and contribute towards the revival of sports by building a state-of-the-art Sports stadium that shall attract tournaments of Cricket, Football, Hockey and Rugby.

Bungee Jumping

Feel the adrenaline of a free-fall and let your heart race to its extents at Bin Alam City Islamabad’s Bungee Jumping site. 

Bin Alam City Islamabad initially offers different sizes of residential plots, and 7 marla single storey homes on easy installments at pre-launch introductory prices. Payment plan is spread over 5 years, and you can consider this opportunity for future residence or long term investment.

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad is a new project launched by Future Development Holdings Pvt. Limited in order to help cater with the increased residential need of the twin cities. It is a unique housing plan, neighboring Islamabad Motorway (M2) exit, on a 5 minutes drive from the New Islamabad International Airport, and with a distance of 22 min drive from the centers of both Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


Capital Smart City is a unique housing plan, neighboring Islamabad Motorway (M2) exit, on a 5 minutes’ drive from the New Islamabad International Airport, and with a distance of 22 min drive from the centers of both Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Looking at the brochure of Capital Smart City, we can assure you that this project is an all in one project. The project offers over 90,000 employment opportunities, 30,000 housing units to house around 200,000 people and much more. Capital Smart City claims itself to be a “Model of Sustainable Development”, offering its benefits for all, the residents, the employees and the investors.

The project features these unique facilities:

  • Free from Load Shedding,
  • An organized and automated traffic plan,
  • CCTV cameras with high-quality face detection capability,
  • Electric Cycles for residents to move within the city.


Capital Smart City is a one of a kind project in Pakistan, the first ever “smart city” project. The amenities offered by this project are as follows:

  • Community club
  • Public transport
  • Plenty of open spaces
  • An 18-hole, PGA-standard golf course
  • Theme parks
  • Walkways
  • Dedicated green spaces.

Which housing scheme is better?

Both societies have its own unique attributes and features. The location of both schemes are attractive in terms of investment. It is safe to say that whether you choose Bin Alam City or Capital Smart City, it will be a good investment in the years to come.

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