Ghauri Town Islamabad

Ghauri Town is located in Islamabad Zone IV which is very close to the Benazir Bhutto International airport. You can also access it from Main Lehtrar Road via Ghori Garden Road.

Ghauri Town is the project of Raja Ali Akbar and Chaudary Abdur rehman company. The recent project by Ghauri Town is Phase 7 where development work is on the way and the rates are relatively low than the adjoining areas.

Phases 1-5

First 5 phases of Ghouri Town are situated at the both sides of main road that passes through the Ghouri Town. It has fully functional commercial market, providing all the needs and luxuries to the residents of Ghouri Town. Commercial market is at the 10 minutes’ distance from all the 5 phases.


Phase-7, in Ghouri Town, is quite different than other phases with respect to location and facilities. Phase-7 is separated from other phases of Ghouri Town. It has its own beautiful entrance. Phase-7 offers wide roads and ideal location of residential and commercial plots.

Akbar Enclave

Akbar Enclave is also a part of Phase-7 to Ghouri Town. There are also wide roads and clean environment inside Akbar Enclave. It has residential and commercial plots on attractive locations.

Rehman Residencia

Rehman Residencia is a project of Ghouri Town phase-7. This is more advanced project than other phases of Ghouri Town, with better facilities and development plans. Roads are also better and location is very attractive as it is far away from the Drain.


Tulip is a long belt along the right side of the entrance gate of Rehman Redidencia.  This is very attractive location. Tulip has residential and commercial plots of 5 Marla.


Rose is a long belt along the left side of the entrance gate of Rehman Redidencia. There are residential and commercial plots of 5 Marla in Rose. The location is very striking as it is situated right at the start of Rehman Residencia and end of Akbar Enclave.